About Us

LegrandeRx is a personalized health company whose purpose is to allow the patient to obtain the best medications and care achieving the best health outcomes.

LegrandeRx takes the complexity out of the prescription and pharmacy system and empowers both patients and physicians to gain access to the right medications with full price transparency and home-delivered conveniently to the patient’s door.

How do we do it? We have all data, technology and programs available, combined with the patient’s insurance coverage to deliver on our promise. Prescriptions are then matched with partner pharmacies that that best fits your needs.

Doctors no longer have to wonder what will happen to their patients once they leave the practice to self-manage their prescriptions. And patients can feel confident that their doctor is fully in control of their healthcare while participating in an easy and convenient experience.

Providing a delightful experience is core to who we are. We deliver a great experience through the combination of our patient concierge services and easy to use patient app and proprietary platform.